You are right that there was lots of hate and disrespect tow

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You are right that there was lots of hate and disrespect tow

Indlægaf sunxuemei » 18. maj 2021, 08:48

There was little to Animal Crossing Bells no regard for Sakurai in the west in the day. I remember there was a popular webseries of SSB bits made from spritework and there was an whole joke of Ridley, Geno, Mega guy, along with a few different characters becoming mad they weren't from the match and Geno just fireblasting all Japan for this. It had been just like, in retrospect, incredibly fucked up

You are right that there was lots of hate and disrespect towards Sakurai, but Smash Kingdom was in good fun and normally featured lots of dark comedy. You must dig deep into the archives of Smashboards, GameFAQs and NeoGAF (if that is even possible with the latter) to discover the true vitriol.

Yeah there are some straight up death threats in there. Same would be said now here, but it would get downvoted to oblivion.

That being said I do want Skull Kid was in precisely the same quantity of demand now as he had been then. Zelda nevertheless has gotten no more meaningful representation, and Skull Kid remains the ideal choice to provide the franchise it is much deserved new fighter--and yet he's been mostly forgotten in talks about new characters. Skull Kid will forever be my number one pick.

Yeah, Skull Kid is the only Nintendo pick that I REALLY need abandoned. I'd really be really happy with Midna or Tetra as well. Just SOMEONE to represent Zelda that isn't a Triforce Trio incarnation.

I've a feeling that we buy Animal Crossing Items are likely to get BOTW Zelda, and while I do think that could be cool I would be disappointed if Zelda's only meaningful representation since freaking MELEE are another Zelda.
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