A simple outline for RuneScape

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A simple outline for RuneScape

Indlægaf wfuuopy » 9. apr 2021, 08:07

I see the problem of RuneScape gold hitpoints restoring. You would appear with all the batle damage somewhat. 1/2, would look pretty awful. 3/4, you're in some serious pain guy!! 4/4, you are clearly dead (Duh). The following part will show that the melee and mage consequences. Let's say you have been slashed, all of a sudden, slash marks appear on your clothing! O Noes! I see the problems with a few of the armor that makes you go shirtless ( I can not recall the name, I remember its barrows. Brasset?) You would obviously be appearing with marks across your torso. Mage. Boy I had a hard time. Let us say you are atted. You will appear with smoke on you! The more reduction, the more smoke.

Jagex should make a new item lending program. A simple outline for the program may be that, while you and the other person are on line, aslong as the individual is a buddy or on your clan and in precisely the exact same world as you, you can give them an item. Your thing would be returned to you if both of you log out or change worlds, or else you simply take it back.

Its distinct to help because you can actually do things while they are borrowing your thing, and if your stock is complete the item can be returned to a bank. There might be a part accesible at banks, for a'donate thing' where any individual over a particular position in your clan (i.e. sergeant+) or any individual on your friend list can borrow (at anytime while your online) one of your things that you put into that list.

Kind of like a g/e system where you remove items from your bank and place into your lending box (which would mean you cant use them yourself unless you take them from the lend box). Your lend box might have a limit of say items so people dont use it as a lender, and only particular items can be placed to the lend box. Its nice and simple, it quits the entire RWT and unfair trade problem, and it would probably be rather simple and easy to code. What do you think?

You understand how we can ask people for assistance and they have to accept providing assistance? Perhaps you can do this for adding people to your friend list... I know you can just right click right now and just do this. One issue is... what should this person does not need to be your buddy. . .thats why today there'll be an option to OSRS buy gold take eachothers names.
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