I think some type of spoiler tag would be nice

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I think some type of spoiler tag would be nice

Indlægaf sunxuemei » 15. apr 2021, 06:58

It's a tricky subject to Animal Crossing Items browse because of the long-term playing aspect of the game. I appreciate seeing all choices & opinions on the topic, so thank you for sharing yours. I hope the mods can find a solution which works best for everyone.

I think some type of spoiler tag would be nice. Knowing stuff early is good for some, but it destroys any enthusiasm I have for an event or new product. The appeal in events for me personally is that the puzzle prizes, so when they aren't a mystery the event only becomes a chore to get things I know about.

Others I think are fine because it stands today. Though if memorial posts become more prevalent, another subreddit? I think that it's called might be a wonderful idea.

"Spoiler" tag demands often seem to just turn into criticizing/piling on users that time traveling about how they are playing the game"incorrect," that to me is completely counter to the spirit of both this community and this particular game.

1 difficulty I have had with rules is I had a pole auto-removed, I still don't understand why, and when I inquired why it had been auto-removed I have no response. If this community is going to utilize auto-removal I hope we could at least cheap Animal Crossing Bells tell people why posts are removed?
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